Buffalo Bonker

    Rail Splitter by Buffalo Bonker    

Rail Splitter SOLD

Acrylic on Panel

Image Size 48 x 48


Luncheon with Bridget SOLD

Acrylic on Multiple Panels
Image Size 26 x 32 x 4

216283 Crossing the Delaware SOLD

Acrylic on Panel
Image Size

About Buffalo Bonker

Artist - Painter

Buffalo Bonker was born and raised in Orange County, California. He first learned to draw portraits as a child and began to receive commissions for portraits and murals as young as age 10.

He further developed his painting style and technique over the years by disciplined self-study and by immersing himself in the strong artist communities of Santa Cruz and Marin Counties in California.

Desiring to focus on his painting with less distraction, he eventually relocated to Iowa, where he currently resides.

Bonker's current portrait series, titled “Rock Bottom”, is based upon anonymous inmate mug shots posted on the Internet. The mug shots capture deep honest emotion and feelings on the faces of those depicted. There is nothing fake or posed about the expressions of the photo subject. The images are candid - while the subject is aware of the picture being taken, thoughts of how the final image will appear is far from their minds. The original photos are posted online and dozens of new photos of new arrests are posted every day. The artist intentionally does not pay attention to or record the names and charges of the inmates and does not wish to portray a particular person, but only emotion and expression.


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