Cha (Gou Gin Cha)


290069 Floral in Blues SOLD

Mixed Media on Paper
Image Size 26 x 26
Cha Guo Jun "The created image is different from the natural world; it is form given to a mental vision; it is substance given to the human soul." Cha's paintings are expressions of feelings and emotion, expressed in bold, bright colors and the use of light. Based primarily on a theme of water and boats, Cha's work has evolved from the black and white and soft colors of traditional Chinese landscapes to bold colors and abstract images of western impressionism. Born and educated in China, Cha was one of China's leading contemporary artists. He was a graduate of the Shanghai Academy of Drama and an instructor at the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, when he was invited to come to the University of Minnesota as a visiting scholar in the Department of Studio Arts. What he found in Minnesota was both a new perspective on an existing theme and a new experience of freedom and expression. Cha's hometown of Suzhou is a maze of canals and waterways and the image of water and boats is seen in much of his early work. His adopted hometowns, Minneapolis and St. Paul, straddle the Mississippi River and are dotted with lakes. The theme of water and boats is evident in much of his recent work, but with new use of color and light. Cha also expresses the energy, excitement, and aliveness he feels living in the west in his paintings through the use of bold, bright colors and simple, bold, yet powerful lines. As an artist and an instructor, Cha teaches his students to transfer their ideas and imaginations to their paintings rather than how to paint. The emphasis is on imagination. In a 1981 article published in the "Shanghai Art Collection," Cha discussed four aspects of the process of imagination: actuality-objective reality; perception-sensed reality; remembrance-recalled reality; and imagination-remolded reality. His work today embodies the four aspects as he draws on his early experiences and memories of his traditional Chinese background and adds in his experiences and changed attitudes of western life. Today Cha lives in both worlds. In his heart he is Chinese and his early experiences are Chinese. Now he lives in the west, where he experiences more freedom, more excitement, and more energy. His early work, in China, emphasized the subject. Now his work combines the use of color with feelings and emphasizes experience. His paintings reflect his experience of the openness and freedom of western culture, coupled with his traditional Chinese background. Cha paints in both watercolors and oils. His work has an exquisite minimalism as it expresses his imagined or remembered past. Cha's work is displayed in many private collections in the United States and China in the Art Museum of Shanghai, and in the Chinese Consulate General's office in New York. He designed a tapestry of the Great Wall for the United Nations and has been exhibited and published internationally.
Cha Goujan: Cha was born in Kamshan City, Suzhon, China in 1943 and graduated from the Shanghai Drama Institute in 1967. From 1970 to 1984, he was the head of the design department of the Children's Art Theater in China. From 1984 through 1988 Cha was a lecturer and visiting scholar at universities in both the United States and China. He began his career as a professional artist in 1989. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and major collections throughout the world. Cha's style is truly unique with a tremendous use of color and composition. His work is not only beautiful but distinctive and captivating.

Cha Guogan Professional Artist One-man Exhibition, Thomas Professor Babeok Gallery, San Diego 1943 Born in Kunshan City, Suzhou. China Hong Kong Intentional Art Fair, H.K. 1967 Graduated from Shanghai Drama New Dialogue International Art Institute Exhibition, Currently Thomas Babeok Gallery, San Diego. Professional Artist 1 991 The 13th Annual Art Expo, NY, Javits Advisor,U.S. International Art Center, New York Interchange Society, NYC Miami International Art Exposition. 1990 One-man Exhibition,C.G.Rein

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES Gallery, Minnesota, U.S.A. 1989 One-man Exhibition, C.G. Rein 1992 Noted in Who's Who: Artists Gallery, Edina, Minnesota, U.S.A. in North America, U.S.A. . Chicago International Exposition. 1988-89 Lecturer, college of Fine Art, University Los Angeles International Exhibition. Of Manitoba, Canada 1988 One-man Exhibition, Manitoba 1985-88 Visiting Scholar, Department University Museum, Canada Studio Art, University of Minnesota One-man Exhibition, Department 1 984-85 Lecturer, Oil Painting Department, Studio Art Gallery, University of Institute of Fine Art, Shanghai Minnesota. University. One-man Exhibition, C.G. Rein 1970-84 Head of Designing Department, ¥ Gallery, Minneapolis, U.S.A. Children's Art Theater, Shanghai 1987 One-man Exhibition, C.G. Rein Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.

EXHIBITIONS 1986 One-man Exhibition, St.John University Museum, MN. 2000 One-man Exhibition J ¥ Gallery, ShangHai

COLLECTIONS Kavanaugh Art Gallery West-Des Moines, IA 1985-98 Over 500 oil paintings, watercolors, ink 1999 Dyansen Art Renaissance and wash paintings collected by Merill Chase Schaumberg IL museums, collectors and noted figures Merill Chase Michigan Ave,Chicago IL in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Hong Kavanaugh Art Gallery West-Des Kong and Taiwan. Moines, IA 1997 The International Bank of Paris and 1998 One-man Exhibition, Hong Kong Shanghai. Banque National De Paris, Exhibition of 100 Elite Artists, Hong Kong. Shanghai Art Museum. 1985 Large-size oil painting Mist and Clouds 1997 Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York Over Huangshan Mountains Comm 1996 Shanghai Art Museum: Comissioned by the Chinese Consulate "Shanghai Fine Art Exchange General in New York now on display at Exhibition.H Toured in five cities, in its meeting hall. Germany. 1984 Guilin Landscape, a private collection 1995 Shanghai Art Museum International of the famed Dutch film director Mr Exhibition, Shanghai Evans. 1994 Comprehensive show,C.G.Rein 1979 Designed a tapestry of the Great Wall Gallery, Minnesota, U.S.A. for the United Nations Which has been 1992 One-man Exhibition, Initiator exhibited and published internationally. Gallery, San Diego University Museum.


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