Jose Barbera


216331 Pink Roses

Framed Oil on Canvas
Image Size 32 x 40

Jose Barbera 1945-2005


Jose "Barbera" Barbeta Sanchez Bio

Born on October 1, 1945 in Valencia, Spain. Art Schools Attended: Art and Crafts School in Valencia from 1960 to 1965. Received a Certificate of Success in Art. Fine Arts High School San Carlos in Valencia from 1967 to 1972. Received a Certificate of Fine Arts High School. School and College Attended: National School in Paterna, Valencia from 1953 to 1964.

Jose Barbera began to paint at the age of ten. In 1957 he began his formal training in art. Due to the artistic ambiance that surrounded him, he began training at this early age. During his education and training he studied under the Spanish professors, Mr. Genaro La Huerta and Mr. Santiago Rodriguez. "Barbera" began painting professionally when he completed his school training in 1973.

Since this time he has exhibited in galleries, including Sala Ticiano, Valencia in 1977, Galeriea San Horge, Alcoy, Alicante in 1980, Galeria Bachiller, Valencia in 1983, Galeria Ingres, Madrid in 1984, Galeria Gabarro, Sabadell, Barcelona in 1986, Galeria De Arte, Zaragoza in 1987, Galeria Belles Artes, Gijon, Asturias in 1988 and Galeria San Jorg, Alcoy, Alicante in 1990.

Awards received by "Barbera" include Premio Bienal De Pintura, Moncada, Barcelona, Premio Caja De Ahorros, Segorbe, Castellon, Premio Ayuntamiento De Castellon, Madalla Al Merito Del Ministerio De Informacion, Y Turismo de Madrid, 1 Premio Tema Local, Paterna, Valencia, 1 Premio Pintura Caja De Ahorros Onteniente, Valencia. The Town Hall in Paterna, Valencia displays the work of "Barbera".

The works of José Barbera are in private collections throughout America, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Holland.

A list of "Barbera" collectors includes Prince Fahd Bin Salman Bi Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, individuals from the Manama, Babrain, Japan, and Holland, among other important business people throughout the world. Publications that have featured this artist includes:

The Levante Newspaper, Valencia, 1978 The Provincias Newspaper, Valencia, 1980 The Diario Dieciseis Newspaper, Madrid, 1983 "Barbera" is also featured in the Dictionartio Pintores Y Escultores Espaniles Siglo XX, an artist reference book, which was published in Madrid in 1994. The artist describes himself as a representational landscape painter. His favored subjects are landscapes, flowers and houses.

When thinking of his work, Barbeta states "it is necessary to know and dominate the called occupation, the technique, in order to paint later what one wants or feels." Jose Barbera is married with two children. Barbera's father, Jose Barbera, who was born in 1920 was also an artist. "Jose Barbera, heir and pupil of the well known Valencian landscape artist of the XX, Genaro Lahuerta and Francisco Lozano.

Barbera, who should be a great landscapist of the 21st Century, is immersed in the perennial filter of the seasons of our baroque and luminous earth and always searches the poetic synthesis of the his teachers," with these words, Puchol Quixal predicited that there are not many of our artist with this type of future.

Barbera is without a doubt a painter with the ability to transmit light into his works. He uniquely works with space and interprets the confrontation of man with nature. Faithful to the original environment, he has a talent to use subtle tones of chromatic colors cover great part of his canvases.?

He naturally allows sprouting vegetation, in essence, to cover the distance between the respectful blue of the sky or water. Deserted beaches like the Patacona or the Malvarrosa, where the clarity is often altered by the fog, prove to be inspirational locales for the painter. Barbera works here to escape from the aggressiveness of the modern world. "I look for, he comments, the intimacy, and capture what I see through the sieve of my mind using my eyes, trying to portray the simplicity I perceive."

But not only is the sea, the beach or the Mediterranean coast an area that draws this artist, he also stops and analyzes the earth and buildings inside his native town, Paternal, the cave, and the deserted views of Lliria and Pedralba, the predominately unirrigated Valencian land.

To this painter, that is also an artist, you could impose the title of the new Valencian landscapist. A landscape with another light, with different atmosphere, with the appearance of not being trod upon, this is the landscape that is loved by this landscape artist.


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