Michelle Samerjan



Light of Spring


Giclée on Paper

Enhanced Giclée on Paper

Image Size 29 x 24

Image Size 22 x 27

Chineiri matierials include Acrylic paint on fine watercolor paper veiled over with Japanese rice lace, Accented on each corner with rare 16th.-18th. Century Chinese cash coins, all mounted onto gold-leafed and acid-washed acrylic stained fine watercolorpaper.





Mirrors of texture past  
          like          bubbles in a peaceful stream 
              each          connected to the ribbon of continuity 
                   but          as a winter snowflake
                         each          different, yet the same
 affordable access to textural visions 
Michelle Samerjan       editions...nothing     is closer 


It resonates in every piece of Michelle Samerjan's art work. From the aging and varnishing of her dramatic still life's to the fabrics and antiquities that surround them to the weaving of color, light and shadow, each work forms an intricate landscape. A landscape bordered by history, vision and experience. Having studied art from a young age, Michelle has drawn from cultures worldwide. Bringing many elements together in an Asiatic tableau that is at once ancient in theme and modern in concept. Many of her series such as "Aquatic Landscapes" featuring koi fish or "Equine Landscapes" featuring Tang influenced horses, have brought Michelle's work into the home and corporate offices of collectors worldwide. Michelle Samerjan's"Textural Landscapes'.' Art assumes a new dimension.

Each original produced by Michelle is a blend of many artisans. All of them have passed away, but one. The only one born in the 20th. Century; Michelle Samerjan. Years ago, Michelle began collecting antique Asian coins, charms, fabrics, talismans, porcelain blue d whites, Mixing teapots, statuary, even prayer books. Most antiquities in her collection span from the 10th. To 19th. Century. Some are the subjects of her painting, others have been painstakingly applied as a border, accent or overlay to her original paintings. But each is a work of art within a work of art. Dealers from around the world work with Michelle in procuring these treasured artifacts with a mother as an Artist, Michelle had the benefit at an early age of art classes, which gave her the foundation to begin experimenting with color and texture. Her evolution as an Artist has come from hands-on experience and an insatiable desire to produce paintings that span both centuries and cultures. Today, collectors from around the world appreciate her unique blend of 21st. Century vision with antique and ancient overtones from the Far East. Great art never dies as long as there is an audience to appreciate it. And in some ways, artisans long forgotten never die, as long as their art can be seen. So enjoy.


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