R.T. Pearce



Bronze and enhanced details or hand poured Resin

Sculpture Size 8



Limited editions bronze sculpture with hot and cold patina, hand polished details, faux ivory resin accents and marble base

Limited edition bronze sculpture with hot and cold patina, 22kt gold leaf, hand polished accents, faux ivory resin accents, amber stones and marble base

Sculpture Size 14 1/2"

Sculpture Size 19"


R.T. Pearce was born into a working class family in the city of Birmingham, England in 1956. Rising out of the. midlands of Great Britain, Birmingham served as the heart of the industrial revolution as it swept across England in the mid?nineteenth century. The tensions created in Victorian society by this tidal change were reflected in the art movements of the day, and these movements were to play a profound role in Pearce's artistic development. Birmingham's history of metalworking elates back to the middle ages. With are elaborate system of canals for transportation, the city attracted many craftsmen tend became a center for the making of guns, pins, screws, toys and jewelry. The jewelry industry built a stronghold in tire center of the city. This jewelry quarter, known as Hochley, ultimately developed into one of the greatest concentrations of jewelry-related businesses in Europe. It was here that young Pearce obtained his first job, a jewelry apprenticeship at the age of fourteen. Working with methods anti hand tools almost identical to those used over one hundred years earlier, Pearce quickly learned how to fashion three-dimensional designs in clay, and the tcchniques necessary to manufacture the designs in metal. Pearce spent the next fifteen years at his trade, and as his competency grew, so did his aspirations. Visits to the Birmingham Museum head engendered an admiration for the. Pre-Raphaelite artists and their constellation of of associates. Edward Burne-Jones, one of the latter associates of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, had been born in Birmingham, and had supported a group of artists loosely influenced hay Pre-Raphaelite tenets and style.

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