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Luongo, Aldo

910833 Two Faces of the Hawk

Aldo Luongo bio

Aldo Luongo, Whether he is portraying a romantic enclave, a frenzied sporting event, or a richly textured landscape, central to all of Luongo's paintings is the balance between memory and hope, sorrow and humor, freedom and control. These dynamics are clearly seen in his figurative works, especially those portraying the "Hawk" his archetypal character spun from the memory of his father and Luongo's discovery of his future self. Luongo's paintings are thus as amalgam of moods, tones, explorations of times remembered and days to come. Each of Aldo Luongo's paintings capture more than just the viewers gaze, they echo the emotions of experiences of life lived to the fullest.


"I attack a canvas like I play soccer, with vigor. Soccer is my counterpoint to painting. While painting, I'm confined, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self-doubt. Then comes the sweat and focus of a really good game and I feel whole again. Life is a matter of balance". Aldo Luongo


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