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Chretien, Didier

290074 Village au Quatre Oliviers

Born in Northern France in 1963. Didier Chretien now resides in the south, better known as "La Provence" From his first art classes provided in school. he realized a desire to create. At the age of 13 he sculpted wooden images, but rapidly found painting canvases to be more fulfilling. As a child, Didier exhibited his great enthusiasm for freedom, adventure and nature.

His parents recognized his talent very early and enrolled him in art classes. Didier responded enthusiastically to the instruction which, in combination with his natural talent, helped him move rapidly towards further education as an adult and his entrance into the world of renowned artist.

"I find my energy in Provence, says Didier, all my work is inspired by the Mediterranean scenery, superimposing bright, some would say shocking colors, just enough to tickle the eye." In his quest for simplicity, Didier uses only the bare essentials, but creates the most dramatic effect on the canvases. Didier is recognized as being on of the leading colorist painters of the dramatic landscapes of Sothern France. his use of vibrant, bold colors brings to life all the elements on would find in "Provence" and these spectacular visions are combined to bring viewers imagination to feeling of happiness, peace and tranquility.

Didier's work is exhibited in the most prestigious galleries throughout Europe. His love of travel and his ability to find new subject matter brought his work to the United States. His creative use of colors, symbolizing his beloved France, has been an immediate success in galleries across America. Now happily married to his wife Natilie, and a proud father of four, Didier has achieved most if not all of his goals in like. He makes personal appearances for scheduled shows in selected galleries annually and is regularly commissioned for specific work witch he translates in his incomparable style.


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