Roberts, Kati

910649 Nexus

Artist Bio: Kati Roberts is a self-taught artist who uses the pastel as her medium. They are originals in the literal sense of the word; each work of art is done individually and completed as an original. No presses or screens are used. All inks, paints and pastels, etc. are applied entirely by hand. The artist refers to her work as mixed media monotypes, as she uses a multitude of different materials and applications. Kati is an artist who attributes her self-taught label to the old famous trial and error technique. She enjoys contemporary art and is influenced by other contemporary print makers, yet strives to produce innovative ideas through her trial and error techniques. Corporations and galleries continue to acquire her work, which they quite often have unique and diverse custom requests. In fulfilling these requests, she has discovered yet new techniques. She often works with handmade papers, metals, large-scale canvas, as well as some new unique color. Currently her works are incorporate installations nationwide, and with strong gallery support, and private collector enthusiasm, she continues to create a prolific balance of work that is enjoyed by many. Her colors are fresh and lively, and her formats are architectural and geometric, and all are pleasing to the visual palette. Artist Quote: "my fascination with color and movement continues, as colors change so does the depth of the illusion of color. Color is still more important than design or image and you can't have a world without color"