Kudukhashvili, Eva


Eva Kudukhashvili was born in the small village Tsitelubani, Georgia in 1951. In 1987 she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi,under the tutelage of Edmund Kalandadze. Eva's personality is completely possessed by painting. And although she is an accomplished poet, painting is really what she lives for from the time she remembers she was painting, so, she has never questioned herself as to what to do in this life. Her destiny was obvious. at the age of seventeen she knew that she was an artist. Living in communist Georgia, the decision to enter the most respected and difficult Art Academy in Georgia seemed  to be the only possible way to start her career, she studied there, which could lead Eva to her dream of sharing her paintings with the world, Eva had a dream that creativity and absolute reliance on intuition in daily life. For fourteen years Eva  was unsuccessful in entering the Academy of Art in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. when she finally understood the real reasons for her failure-the absence of a powerful patron and/or not having the means to bribe her way in (as was common throughout the Communist Academia), Eva took a bold step in a country known for severe retribution for those who try and force the system and went directly to the minister of Culture in Georgia asking for help. Surprisingly, he helped and, in fact, sent Eva to Art College, where after two years she graduated with the red Diploma,giving Eva the right to enter the Academy of art in Tbilisi,Eva's only real chance of fulfilling her dream.But there again was a new struggle.The struggle to paint in her own way.and it wasn't until her third year of study that she meet a teacher, Edmund Kalandadze,who would be first to understand her paintings and her genius.

the existence of a talent so innately given to e person as exhibited in Eva's work, supported his own contention that genius is the gift of berth.Eva's works are not just a series of abstract exercises far from human involvement,but are taken from her personal life-experience. 

Eva is a member of a number of artistic associations, including: the International Federation of Artists, the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Young Artists of Georgia, the Union of Artists of Georgia. Rating Categories: 2-B.  Eva is devoted to painting many articles in magazines and newspapers. Her paintings are included in private collections around the world, including in Russia, Germany, France, Denmark, USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others.