Bueno, Pineda

By the Rocks

Pineda Bueno

Jose Antonio Pineda was born in Granada on August 5, 1950. At the age of six his family enrolled him in the nearby Escuela de Artes y Oficios of Motril. When he was eight his family moved to Barcelona where he studied at the Instituto Ribas a teaching center situated in the Paseo Vall d’Hebron.

During his early years Pineda worked in an advertising studio in Barcelona where he learned composition, framing and perspective. During this period he also began to experiment with photography. At twenty-one he joined a publishing company specializing in illustrations for children and young adults. He progressed and began designing jackets for novels, front pages of books and video tape covers.

His desire to paint led him to leave Barcelona in search of landscapes. He settled in Ametilla de Mar, located along the Mediterranean - - a place of dancing rocks, rough cliffs and warm golden beaches. Pineda found inspiration in this setting. After his first local solo exhibition he traveled to Paris to continue to show his work. This led him to travel extensively throughout Europe and America doing shows as he continues to perfect his unique style of light and color in a variety of work including, women, landscapes and still life.

Pineda takes women (many of whom are symbols of his daughter Maria Teresa) and blends their images with their surroundings, framing them in his paintings, with rocks, soil, sea, color and light.

Pineda is married and lives in Spain with his three children.