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229266 Four Beloved Cities - New York229266 Four Beloved Cities - New York

229266 Four Beloved Cities - New York

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229266 Four Beloved Cities - New York is a terragraph on paper by artist Theo Tobasse, it measures 32 x 24 unframed. 

About the Terragraph method

The Terragraph is a unique printing process, developed by Har-El Printers & Publishers and the Terragraph Atelier, in Jaffa Port. It combines advanced binding materials and the most basic pigment - sand. The sand of the Terragraph is collected in specific areas of the Negev and Judean Deserts, depending on the texture and color required. It is neutralized and dried and is than ready for use.The first step is to seal the paper with a silicone varnish, to keep the sand and the oil binders in relief on the paper's surface. The sand is ground to different coarseness of grain, according to the necessary effect. Where the sand area is needed, first a binder is applied or mixed with the sand, and printed through a screen. Due to the silicone varnishes and durability of the oil inks and sand the Terragraph may be framed without glass; this enables a direct communication with the sensuous textures and vibrant colors produced by this method of fine art printing.


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