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Jackson, Al

Pewter Vessel with Fruit


Al Jackson was born in the middle of 1940 in Texas to poor working parents. As one of three children, he had to work at an early age to help support his family. Jackson has the physique of a football player, is a body builder, and is solidly built. Looking at his style of work, one would not believe that this muscular man has the touch of a fine surgeon with his paint brushes. Extremely shy and gentle, Jackson listens to jazz and the blues while he works. He claims that the music takes away the sounds of the city and lets him concentrate on his technique. Although he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago for a short time, this quiet unassuming genius is mostly self-taught. His main love is painting still-life studies. He will spend hours to create the perfect form and the drops of water on his fruit are his signature. Often, people not accustomed to his paintings will try to wipe the drops off the canvas. He has had a number of one-man shows, but never attends any of the openings. I would rather work than talk! he quips. Recognized as one of the leading still-life artists in the country, Jackson's works have been exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States.

Al Jackson passed away in 2001.


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