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Simonetti, Claudio

911691 Beyond the Cliffs

Claudio Simonetti as born in Italy in 1929, into a well known family of accomplished artists.

He began his studies at the Rome Institute of Art and, as a young man, traveled extensively throughout Italy and France, where he painted from nature and learned from other artists at all the important art centers.

His work is well known for brilliant execution of the fundamentals… exquisite drawing, composition and color.

Simonetti is still painting, and his work is displayed regularly in Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan, and Paris. He is constantly searching for new methods of expression in his art.

Simonetti is a master of the fundamentals such as exquisite drawing, composition, and color. His artful and well-balanced paintings appeal to a wide range of taste, which has led to their presence in collections internationally.


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