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Kecskés, Frank

299582 Peaks at Sunrise

Frank Kecskés grew up in Los Angeles, and as a kid used to watch his father paint landscapes at home on the weekends. He had always been fascinated by his fathers artistic talents. More remarkable was the fact that he was self taught. "It was amazing how much I picked up by just watching him create beautiful landscapes".

Along with my father's influence, I was also inspired by the dramatic and realistic work of James Fetherolf. In my work, I strive to capture the moment and mood of the awesome beauty nature provides. The clouds and shadows they throw on the countryside is particularly fascinating to me.

My work is full of contrasts of all kinds. Light vs shadow, warm colors vs cool colors, crisp and sharp detail vs wispy and atmospheric clouds and sky. Being able to "walk into" a painting is my constant goal. Nature is too grand to minimize!

My work has been collected over the years and is found in homes and offices throughout the country. People have said my work has a realism and is of high quality....I say to that, "Isn't nature even more so? Why would I paint any other way?". Frank Kesckés


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