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Powell, Jesse

909067 Farm House & Barn

Jesse Powell bio

For the past thirty years, Jesse Powell has watched and studied with his father, John Powell, a prominent artist. Although the two artists' styles are different, John's commitment and tireless work ethic have had a tremendous influence on his son. Jesse has spent much time with hhis honory "uncle" Christian Title, artist and founder of Colville Publishing and DeVille Galleries.

Christian continues to teach Jesse how to look at and value the works of other artists, a vital step in Jesse's development. Jesse is inspired by classic California Impressionists Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Hanson Puthuff, and Guy Rose. "I admire the way they captured nature in such a confident way." Jesse is also influenced by the masters John Singer Sargent and Joanquin Sorolla.

The artist's goal is to capture a fleeting moment of nature, with emphasis on how sunlight and atmosphere at certain times of the day affect color. Jesse paints from life or smaller oil sketches that are done en plein air. He tried to paint what he sees in nature, whether it's the warnth of the sunset, the shadows cast by a hillside, or the structure of a tree. "Everywhere I look, there are unlimited possibilities."









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