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Wainwright, Leslie

218050 Sunlit Inner Garden

Leslie Wainwright bio

Like many English floral painters, Leslie Wainwright has a reverence for growing things that is evident in his delicate, botanically-accurate portrayals of common flowers. The rustic charm and even the perfume of a luxuriant English country garden can be sensed in each of his captivating renditions of daisies, geraniums, wild flowers and grasses. Fresh, bright acrylic colors lend a sparkling vitality to all of his works and his arrangements are casual and natural. The appeal is direct and unpretentious.

Leslie Wainwright was born in Lees, Yorkshire, England in 1936. He was awarded the National Diploma of Design at Leeds College of Art in 1955. After several years of teaching at secondary and college levels, he became chairman of the art development of Montreal Academy. He was also actively involved with innovative theatrical design. In 1966 he began painting full time, all the while traveling a good deal ever in search of lovely gardens to paint. Leslie has since past away in 1997.


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