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914118 Cubist Floral

Monestier bio

Monestier was born in 1974 in Yvelines, France. At such a young age, this artist has already had a remarkable career and has been a professional painter since 1994. He was brought up in a family of artists.His father, Etchenic, is considered the pioneer of a select group of French artists that today empower the strong hues of deep cobalt blues, rich reds, bright oranges, and trendy yellows in their modern style paintings. It is only natural that he chose his father’s profession and that his paintings are inspired by the distinctive style and passion his father’s work is known for. Taught in his father’s studio, he learned how to engrave and paint with both pastel and oil paints.

In 1998, Monestier signed a contract with a Japanese publisher, thus introducing his paintings to the Asian market. The less naturalistic and primitive style of the Fauvism movement, which grew out of Post Impressionism, is present in his work. He truly is a representative of this style, which was used by Paul Gaugin, because of his love of color. His work can be tied to that of Henri Matisse, but even though influenced by his father and other famous French artist, Monestier adds a technique that is all his own.

Monestier is a colorist above all and likes to focus mostly on his still-life because they allow him to be able to use the freest of colors. The energetic, forceful paint and richness of tint shown in Monestier’s floral bouquets enchant us with their intense presence and their tenderness. He uses the brightest of primary colors to depict his still-life, making them speak to the viewer.

These works of sensual cubism are rhythms like a score of music where the tempo has four times the color, grace, balance and joy to captivate us. Monestier’s magnificent techniques, which he renders with a palette knife and brush, have been featured in galleries in Europe, Asia, and America, giving him international recognition at such a young age in his career.

Words from the artist:

My favorite artists are Matisse, Nicolas de Stael and Cathelin. What I like about them, which has influenced my painting, is the light, colors, medium and spontaneity. I have always wanted to be a painter. My father, a painter, instilled this passion in me early by taking me to museums and art galleries at a very young age. He trained me in different techniques, such as drawing, etching and dry pastels. My preferred medium is oil paint. I love the sensuousness of working the pallet knife on a canvas, the results of this medium, and the endless possibilities of oil painting. I am before all a colorist. I am trying to refine my work by going directly to the essential, avoiding easy effects to obtain a maximum of emotions and sensations. Afternoon is my most creative time. I start to paint, and after a few hours of work I begin to feel inspired. Things happen quite spontaneously. One color leads to another, one movement corresponds to a mass, a mass leads to another layer. It is often hard for me to stop. I started my career almost 10 years ago. I am proud to be featured in numerous French art galleries, and contacted by Robert Four for the creation of three tapestries. Hibell in Japan noticed me and has

already printed 19 serigraphs. Finally I am proud to be represented in the United States by leading galleries. During days that I am not painting or require some time off for inspiration, I enjoy spending time with nature. I am drawn towards the sea! If I were to give advice to young painters who want to establish a professional career it would be, paint to please yourself. I would also relay the advice I have received: be true to yourself, never take the easy road, aim to always be better. For example, if a painting is finished, but I feel I can bring something more to it, I will do it at the risk of destroying it. I like to work without a net.


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