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Lupetti, Roberto

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Roberto Lupetti ( 1918-1997 ) Was a classically trained artist. Born in Milan, Italy, He was raised in an environment that nurtured creativity. At the age of fourteen he was accepted to attend Brera Liceo Artistico, one of the most prestigious art academies in Italy.

Once involved in the strict curriculum, Lupetti learned the many disciplines established by the Renaissance Painters, examining and then putting into practice their laws of art. Lupetti Graduated with honors.

Lupetti explains that as a student of the Royal Academy, He was offered a position to help restore the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. With his successful restoration of the Vatican, Lupetti was invited to do similar work on the immense fresco "The Battle of Ponte Miluio" by Giulio Roman, A disciple of Raphael, Lupetti earned five degrees at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. For more information on the modern classical master contact the gallery.


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