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Rubalo, Manuel


MANUEL RUBALO – Born in 1958, Manuel Rubalo has dedicated himself to painting for many years. He exhibits permanently in France, Japan, Turkey and the United States. He is widely represented in art galleries and even in the secondary market, since he is part of the Drouot and Akun quotation. Manuel Rubalo works the material. He loves the contact with oil paint which he applies on his canvas with a knife, the most suitable tool to transcribe his agile, spontaneous and candid movements. In a palette of always powerful tones and a mastered energy, a bouquet of flowers, a small street in Venice or a stormy evening take on the appearance of a theater set. With a lively, frank and spontaneous gesture, between figuration and imagination, the artist transposes reality, in a style flirting with a lyrical abstraction. The flowers blaze, the skies shine, the elements of reality unite in a shimmer of color and light. For him, the search for pleasure, transfigured by contemplation, appears as the only motivation, the only truth. His inspirations are nature and especially places with a lot of light, where the vegetation and the flowers are luxurious like in Provence; which gives him absolute freedom of expression and finally the sea, where he becomes master of the depths and of the vastness of the landscape. Each one of his works exudes great serenity and joy. This is possible thanks to his constant work of color and light.


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