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Swanson, Gary Robert


Gary Robert Swanson (1942-2010)

Gary was born in Alcester, S.D., on March 17, 1942. 

He was raised on the family farm with two brothers, Ramon and Arthur, and younger sister Mary. When his father passed away, Gary was only 15. Soon after, the family moved to Southern California, where Gary began to develop his sense of adventure and wanderlust. He lived in Seattle and Alaska, expanding his skill in taxidermy and developing a love of the wild places that would come to drive his life and passion when he turned his attention to artistic endeavors.

After many years as a taxidermist, Gary had developed a love, understanding and passion for wildlife. With urging from his older brother, Ray, Gary took up the brush and worked diligently to portray his vision of the world through the medium of oil on canvas.

Gary quickly earned a name for himself in the art world with his detailed depictions of the places he had been, traveling the world multiple times to experience first hand the beauty each place has to offer. Gary rose to prominence in his career both by personality and exceptional talent.


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